Fall Captain's Choice League Information

Sorry for not posting updates on scores and standings more often but the weather has thrown us off a bit… Okay, the playoffs will be handled as follows:

Division A:

· Get in the Hole

· Eagles

· Brookside Flashes

· MC2

· C

No head to head play in the first week of the playoffs, top two scores advance to the finals next week.

Division B:

· Couch Potatoes

· Weapons of Grass Destruction

· Sultans of Swing

· 2 Guys Named Dave

· The Annihilators

· Bye Bye Birdies

First week of playoffs Division B will split into two subdivisions and the winners of those two subdivisions will advance to the finals the next week. The subdivisions are split as so:

*Sub 1 – 2 Guys Named Dave, Couch Potatoes, and Weapons of Grass Destruction

*Sub 2 – Sultans of Swing, The Annihilators, and Bye Bye Birdies

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns please see Tony. Good luck everyone!