League, FootGolf, and Holiday Information

Good afternoon everyone! Hope everyone has remained safe during our first winter storm of the season! A couple of things to let everyone know about today:

  • Winter League - Well the weather has done it to us again and from the forecast it looks like it’s not going to let up for the next few days. We need to know what you folks want to do. A couple of ideas:

    We could just bump everything back a week but that would put both weeks of the playoffs during holiday weeks (Christmas and New Years).

    We could just say that everyone has until January 5th to play their rounds and get caught up and have the playoffs the following two weeks.

    Or we could do something entirely different. Please call Tony at the clubhouse (540-366-6059) sometime over the weekend and either let him know which idea you like best or tell him any ideas that you may have. It is your league and we want to be fair to everyone and do what’s best for the league.

  • FootGolf - Obviously the weather has put a damper on progress. That being said, all the holes are dug and cups placed, tee markers are made but not installed (but will be when the snow melts), so we hope to have it open soon!

  • Holiday Season - We are available for holiday gift giving! In addition to Gift Cards, Bonus Cards, Memberships, Golf Gloves, New Golf Balls we may be able to special order golf accessories at greatly discounted prices compared to normal retail outlets! We have good relationships with several companies so stop by to see what we can work out for you or give Tony a call (540-366-6059) to see if he can find you what you need!