par 3 golf

Happy New Year!

As we begin a new year, we would like to reflect on happenings from 2018…

  • After 20 years of running Brookside, Milton decided to take a step back and be “semi-retired”. His “semi-retirement” puts 90% of us to shame! Milton has covered the clubhouse part time, beat the streets looking for donations for our Annual Archie Goode Memorial tournament, he is always there when we have questions no matter what time of day, and he has been playing a lot more golf!

  • Kenny (Milton’s brother-in-law), who Milton has been leasing the land from, took over the business and named Tony as Manager.

  • We have taken what Milton has been doing for the last 20 years and continued to do it to try to make the transition as seamless as possible, and have tried to add to it!

  • Started a tree project. We cut trees above and around the number six tee box, both sides of the fairway on six, as well as behind the number six green to try to open up the fairway and allow some air to get to the green so that we do not have as much trouble with keeping the green dry and healthy. We also cut trees between the tee box and the green on number seven to make the tee shots not as intimidating and to allow for sunlight to get to the green. We cut around number eight green so that tree limbs were not hanging over the green. The tee shot from number nine was also made a little easier because some of the trees were cut at the creek.

  • Began to start cleaning out around and in the creek throughout the course.

  • Partnered with GolfStatus which is a free smartphone app that has many applications to help with your golf game and gives away many prizes just for checking in at any golf course in the United States. As a matter of fact, one of our members won a foursome with carts and a private meeting room at Ballyhack!

  • Got rid of the Coke machine that was on the patio and replaced it with a Gatorade machine so now we have two drink machines that take cards as well as touchless methods of payment (Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc).

  • Held the 5th Annual Archie Goode Memorial Tournament and raised over $3700 for The First Tee of Roanoke program!

  • Held a Glow Ball Tournament. We hope to have at least two this season!

  • Started up Captain’s Choice Leagues and they have been a huge success! As a matter of fact we had only planned on having them in the Spring, Summer, and Fall but we had so many requests that we decided to go ahead and have one this Winter too!

  • Renovated the men’s restroom and opened a women’s restroom!

  • Took out some of the bushes that were around the clubhouse because they had gotten so overgrown.

  • Built a FootGolf course to add to what we offer.

  • Rebuilt the website and made it less static and more user friendly.

  • Recently purchased a “walk behind” greens mower that should allow us to be more meticulous and it will be gentler on the greens.

  • Now on Twitter and Instagram. Follow us!

  • Installed a new point of sale system in the clubhouse that allowed us to take contactless payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc) as well.

  • Aerated all the greens twice, overseeded, and fertilized them so that they come back stronger than ever in the Spring!

2018 was an exciting year with ups and downs (weather!) but we are excited to start a new year! We look forward to seeing everyone and continuing to improve your play here at Brookside Par 3!!! Come see us soon and bring a friend!